A series of 4 electronic compositions

archetypal melodies re-assembled,
amorphous structures,
metamorphoses of acoustic events
and new sounds in pulsating rhythm.
A dense, complex conception of the world in new electronic music.

with videotraces by Reinhold Knieps
videotraces filmed, recycled & remixed from June 1999 to January 2000.


German saxophonist, composer, band-leader and technologist Norbert Stein along with his often compelling musical visions are based upon the late surrealist Alfred Jarry´s "Pataphysics" theories and writings as Stein´s lucid and often stirring musical concepts vary from one project to the other. Stein´s latest effort is a thirty-four minute enhanced CD consisting of electronics and "videotraces" provided by his associate Reinhold Knieps as Pata Blue Chip offers the willing listener an interesting concoction of four futuristic-type works that might suggest illusory or otherworldly soundscapes.

music modulation and video tracesStein´s "Continental Breakfast" launches the proceedings with textural midi horns, pipe organ patches and odd sounding EFX while "You Be You" could suggest some sort of alien language via Stein´s implementations of oscillating rhythmic structures and layered synth sequences - that invoke some sort of bizarre dialogue or ritual. The piece titled, "Blue Chip" features distorted or fragmented theme sequences that once again hint of an imaginatively conceived alien tongue as Stein pursues notions and motifs that more than likely parallel Jarry´s surrealistic philosophies. The final track, "Otherlands" contains computerized noise/sounds coupled with twisted or hallucinatory voices buried within the background.

With each subsequent recording, Norbert Stein continues his intelligent pursuance of electronics, electro-acoustic big band settings and modern jazz based frameworks all featuring the artist´s distinctive outlook and seemingly personalized ideologies on life and the unknown.

Glenn Astarita,