Norbert Stein
The saxophone player and composer established the Pata Music label, to document his work with a variety of ensembles: Pata Messengers; Pata On The Cadillac; Pata, Horns & Drums; Pata Generators; Pata Masters; Pata Orchestra; Pata Horns; Pata Trio and Pata Blue Chip.

Beside performing in Europe, he went on numerous concert tours such as to Brazil, Africa, USA, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. Several musical encounters were realized in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. You will find these international music cooperations documented on various PATA CDs.

As a bandleader and composer, Norbert's approach is to create structures or atmospheres in which his colleagues can articulate their own ideas. His goal is to create music that constantly changes and evolves, and in which each performance is unique and presenting a brilliant balance between refined arrangements and plenty of freedom for spontaneity and interactivity.

"Pata Music is full of surprises, it is open to all sorts of influences, it tears down fences of seemingly contradictory idioms, and coming from jazz improvisation, it builds up something new and exciting." (Joerg Eipasch, Jazzpodium /Germany)

The name 'Pata Music' is derived from the work of late 19th century scientist, Dr. Faustroll, who developed a theory of 'pata physics', defined as a science based on "unreal logic and a new reality beyond the borders of the world of external appearances removed from the usual principles of causality."

Another definition is "the science of imaginary solutions (which) defines the way to gain knowledge avoiding the rigorous rules of reason and tradition, without disrespecting them"...which is a fair description of how Norbert creates his music with respect to the orthodoxies of the jazz tradition.

1973 - 1979: studying saxophone at the conservatory in Cologne / Germany

1978 - 1992: Co-founding and member of the musicians collective Initiative Koelner Jazzhaus/Cologne

1986: establishing the label PATA MUSIC with meanwhile 24 CD releases

2004 - 2008: Co-founder and co-organizer of the James Choice Orchestra

2012 - 2015: Co-founder and co-organizer of the Musiklabor Koeln (Music-lab Cologne)

Realized projects and releases on Pata Music:

2016 CD PATA MESSENGERS "Friends & Dragons" Pata 23

2015 CD PATA MESSENGERS play Rainer Maria Rilke "Das Karussell" Pata 22


2010 CD PATA, HORNS & DRUMS "Silent Sitting Bulls" Pata 20

2008 CD PATA GENERATORS "Direct Speech" Pata 19

2006 CD "Graffiti Suite - Norbert Stein Pata Music played by NDR Bigband" Pata 18

2005 CD PATA GENERATORS - the compact orchestra -"code carnival" Pata 17

2003 2nd concert tour to Indonesia. CD-recording of "Pata Java".
An encounter with the Gamelan-Ensemble KUA ETNIKA by commission of the Goethe-Institutes in Jakarta / Indonesia.

2002 CD PATA MASTERS "live in Australia" Pata 15

2000 CD PATA MUSIC meets ARFI "Die Schoene und das Biest" / "La Belle et la Bête" Pata 14
- a project commissioned by the Bayer Cultural Division together with Westdeutscher Rundfunk

2000 CD PATA BLUE CHIP Pata 13
- electronic music with videotraces by Reinhold Knieps

1999 CD PATA MASTERS "Pata Maroc" Pata 12
- a project in cooperation with the Goethe Institut Rabat / Morocco
- with soundscapes by Michael Ruesenberg

1998 CD PATA-BAHIA Pata 11
- a project commissioned by the Goethe Institut Salvador/Bahia (Brazil)

1997 CD PATA MUSIC meets ARFI "News of Roi Ubu" Pata 10
- a project commissioned by the Bayer Cultural Division together with Westdeutscher Rundfunk

1996 CD PATA MASTERS "Graffiti" Pata 9

1994 CD PATA MASTERS "Blue Slit" Pata 8

1993 CD PATA ORCHESTER "The Secret Act of Painting" Pata 7
- a commissioned production on occasion of the art exhibitions of the Bayer Cultural Divison

1992 CD PATA HORNS "Talking People" Pata 6

1991 CD PATA ORCHESTER "Ritual Life" Pata 5
- a project commissioned for Leverkusener Jazztage

1990 CD PATA HORNS "New Archaic Music" Pata 4

1990 CD PATA ORCHESTER "Die wilden Pferde der armen Leute" Pata 3
- a project commissioned for the festival "Post this & Neo that"/Cologne

1988 LP PATA TRIO "Lucy und der Ball" Pata 2

1987 LP PATA ORCHESTER "Die fuenf Tage" Pata 1

carvepainting of people with sax relief

Further recordings:

James Choice Orchestra "live at MusikTriennale Koeln" (2008)
James Choice Orchestra "live at Moers" (2005)

Adam Noidlt Missiles "Live at Rheinlaender" (2000)
voices@stadtgarten (2000)
"ROMA" a soundscape remix, Real Ambient Vol. 1 (1998)
"Immigrés" Maahanmuutajien Musiikkia suomesta (1997)

Koelner Saxophon Mafia "Die saxuelle Befreiung" (1984)
Koelner Saxophon Mafia "Unerhoert - Stadtklaenge" (1985)
Koelner Saxophon Mafia "Die eiserne Nachtigall" (1987)

Nonett "... und Koeln penn" (1981)
Nonett "Zur Lage der Nation" (1982)
Nonett "Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blueht" (1983)

Boury "Moderne Zeiten" (1982)
Boury "Für Herrn Keupert" (1984)

Headband "Straight Ahead" (1979)
Headband "Suntalk" (1981)
Headband "Fette Bruehe" (1982)

Stadtgarten Series 2 (1990)
Stadtgarten Series 6 (1992)

AMF Music "Bunt" (1991)
AMF "Poetic silhouettes" (1993)
AMF Music "A highly ragged guide to my kind of blue(s)" (1994)

Karlheinz Stockhausen "Der Jahreslauf" (1981)
"Vor der Flut" Hommage an einen Wasserspeicher (1985)
Stollwerk Sampler, Off Records 1 (1985)
Klaus Lenz Jazz & Rock Machine "Sleepless nights" (1980)
JazzHausBigband "Open Lines" (1980)
LandesJugendJazzOrchester NRW "First Album" (1977)